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Innovative combination of reading and speaking English

Cutting-edge AI helps you correct your pronunciation

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Core features

Learn English one-on-one with an AI teacher

  • Real-time recognition of read-aloud pronunciation
  • Professional pronunciation guidance
  • Online AI learning anytime

Unique English read-aloud mode

  • "Reading + Speaking + Listening"
  • Read out loud instead of silently
  • Improve self-confidence when speaking English

Practical tools to help you study efficiently

  • Tap to look up new words
  • Original audio translation for comparison
  • Read complete texts without stumbling over words

What experts are saying

Michael Halliday

If it (the text) gets too difficult, try reading it aloud. It is amazing how much that can help.

Susan Gass

It is now commonly accepted that one learns to speak by speaking, but at more advanced levels, oral proficiency might improve through reading (aloud), rather than through small talk.

Stephen Krashen

Good writers, it has been found, have done more reading for their own interest and pleasure than poor writers, this is a programme which can help them learn language automaticaly.

Merrill Swain

Language acquisition (learning) may occur through producing language, either spoken or written, because learners are more likely to notice gaps in their knowledge when producing output, and learn as a result of trying to fill that gap.