Lava Reading Manual

Installation & Sign up & Log in
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1. Download and Install


• Visit our official website ( and click the download button to download "Catchi" in the App store or Google play.




• Or search for "Catchi" in the App store or Google play to install it on your device(s).


2. Sign up / Log in


• You need to sign up first before you can log in to use Catchi.

• You can sign up with your mobile phone number or with an account on the following platforms:

* Kakao

* Facebook

* Google

* AppleID (only for iOS)



3. Supported operating systems


• We have launched Android and iOS version of Catchi for your download on both Android / Apple devices.



4. Multiple device login 


• Your learning records will be bound to your account. Even if you use different devices, as long as you log in to the same account, Catchi will automatically synchronize your learning records, vocabulary notebook and other information.